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doodles drafts & designs

automatic compound bevel wheel cutting machine
ink on linen

this most fantastic exhibition finds itself to my lap via the enterprising eye of my most informed brother:

Engineers, inventors, and designers produce drawings as part of their creative process. They draw to work out and refine concepts and details. They draw to persuade. They draw to give direction. And they draw to record their ideas and to learn from others.

This exhibition presents examples of industrial drawings in the collections of the National Museum of American History and the Smithsonian Institution Libraries. Some are working drawings, ideas sketched in pencil or ink. Others are more finished, designed for presentation. A few are printed, either as sales material or as part of a patent application. They visually document American industrial creativity, from inventor's hand and investor's boardroom, to patent office, factory floor, and manufacturer's showroom.

I once did a sketch on a piece of toilet paper ahile dropping a duece. I used a ball point pen....it's the same effect.

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