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Wilma Knocks 'Today' Show's Al Roker Off His Feet
Weatherman Not Hurt In Fall

NAPLES, Fla. -- "Today" show weatherman Al Roker knows the power of Hurricane Wilma all too well. As a crew member held his ankles, Roker began to do a live report from Naples, Fla.
He had just started when a gust of wind suddenly blew him off his feet. Roker was not hurt in the fall and was able to crawl to safety.

admiral dewy sez:
"maybe that dumb bastard shouldn't be standing outside in a hurricane, so that little bobby and sue don't get the same idea?"

man, if only we could catch him vomiting on film. i could die a happy man.

truer words were never spoken mr. hollingsworth

i think al roker is cool

this is some quality journalism (on your part admiral, not roker's). we'll link to you gladly.

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