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matchbox art

match⋅box [mach-boks]: a box, usually thin wood or sometimes cardboard, which by design contains matches


always make time for gammon


H-57 should design all of your posters


a fine place for a donut

the donut pub

In a Krispy-Kreme and Dunkin' Donut world, it's comforting to know there are still places E.B. White might have recognized during his ambulations through the streets of New York. Founded in the early 1960s, Donut Pub's steel and neon-lettered façade echoes even earlier days, when sailors might have popped in for a last sip and dip before being shipped off to war in Europe. The innards of the narrow shop have a spit-polish shine, with gleaming white tiles, mirrors, and wooden wainscoting along the length of one side, and a floor of blue and white checkered tiles below. Donut Pub's heart, though, is the wall of donuts—rings, old-fashioned, crullers, French and crumb, honey-dipped, chocolate dipped, coated in coconut and sprinkles, filled with blueberry, apple, lemon, and "creme," cinnamon buns, twists, éclairs, turnovers, and Pom Poms. These are no gourmet treats, just light and crispy, cakey and crumbly, the way they should be. Grab a stool along the long marble counter, or bar (this is a pub, after all), order up a bagel and egg sandwich, a cup of stiff coffee, and a donut on your way out. Standard deli sandwiches like tuna salad, turkey, ham and cheese, are also served, as are Hale & Hearty soups.
(profile via ny magazine)

the donut pub
203 w. 14th street @ 7th ave.
new york, ny 10011
(open 24 hrs. daily)


genius of the week - steve winwood

i was most fortunate to enjoy mr. steve winwood at the great old broadway theatre, up in kingston, new york this past saturday night. it was a fantastic intimate setting for winwood's last show on his recent "nine lives" tour. winwood played classics spanning from his beginnings with the spencer davis group, to hits from blind faith, and my personal favorite traffic. as well as the old stuff, winwood played some great tracks from his new album nine lives. check out some classic traffic performances below.

traffic - "the low spark of high heeled boys" santa monica 1972

traffic - "dear mr. fantasy" santa monica 1972


judge a book by its cover

these are a few of my favorites, but there is much more to see at: