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know your facial hair

The Organization for the Advancement of Facial Hair

As you may have already noticed, we are The Organization for the Advancement of Facial Hair. Yes, you've heard it right. Our goal is to promote the advancement of facial hair on all people and equality for all those who grow such. We come in peace to serve the many fellow facial-haired peoples of our society. We exist to aid those who have been discriminated against due to their growing of the godlike matter. We don't ask that you grow facial hair yourself (unless of course you want to), but we do ask that you have the love for it or at least honor those who do grow it and don't think of them differently, as if they didn't have it at all.

I think I have the Balbo, but i want the Hulihee!

at present i've got a boring ol' short boxed beard though in the past i've rocked a petit goatee, a goatee propper, a balbo, and even (i dread to admit) a chin curtain. next up? perhaps a handlebar and chin puff?

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