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a question for you

a question for whatever audience this blog may have:

what is the most incredible piece of music you have ever heard?

admiral dewy sez:
i know it is from probably the most famous piece of music ever composed....so call me a sell-out, but i must pick the third movement of beethoven's 9th symphony or properly know as: Adagio molto e cantabile - Andante moderato - Adagio

i ask because i am curious, answer at your leisure.....................

that's an exceedingly difficult question to answer, you might want to qualify it with "as an adult" because at different points in my life i'd offer silly answers indeed! in grammar school- i might have answered "sabath bloody sabath" or "peter piper." a little later i might have said "pump up the volume" or "night of the living baseheads" in highschool maybe "100 miles and runnin" or "shadrach michac abendigo (sp?)" or god knows what... if i'm going to give a serious answer, an "in all my life" answer i'll have to think about it a bit, though right now in my mind something from "kind of blue" might be a front runner...

at one time i would have went with the star wars theme which has been recently ruined for me by the final installment of star wars. this music moved me and brought to a place and state of mind that no other music had.

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