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mime tv?

i was too young then to remember this one...but i am sure if i was taking acid in 1976 i would have been watching......

After success on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour, Shields & Yarnell moved to Los Angeles, where they brought their mix of new vaudeville and physical comedy to their gigs as regulars on “The Mac Davis Show”. When that was cancelled, they were quickly snatched up by CBS to appear as regulars on "The Sonny & Cher Show" in 1976. Due to their overwhelming popularity and successful reviews, CBS gave them their own variety show. Many fondly remember the robot characters, "The Clinkers," which they created at that time and still perform in their act to this day.

The show regularly resided in the Top 10 Nielsons, and was the first show in the history of CBS to rate in age groups from 8 – 80.

At their height, famous fans such as Jackie Gleason, Milton Berle, George Burns, Jack Lemmon, Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Danny Thomas, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Carson, and countless others were tuning in regularly. In fact, it was even said that Elvis’ favorite TV show was Shields & Yarnell.

check out how these two had an influence on breakdancing, specifically with the "robot" or "mannequin"

oh man! non-acid induced flashback. i forgot that guy's ugly mustachioed mug existed. weird...

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