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percussion greatness

A drum is a percussion musical instrument, consisting of a membrane called a drumhead that is stretched taut over a cylindrical tube that is open at the other end. The membrane is struck, either with the hand or with a drumstick, and the tube forms a resonating chamber for the resulting sound. The sound of a drum depends on how the drum is constructed. In most popular music and jazz, drums usually refers to a drum kit or set of drums, and drummer to the band member or person who plays them.

top five drummers according to the admiral:
1. john bonham (led zeppelin)
2. clyde stubblefield (jb's)
3. ahmir ?uestlove thompson (the roots)
4. joseph zigaboo modeliste (the funky meters)
5. billy cobham (jazz legend)

?uestlove? really? i've never seen the roots live so i don't have a point of reference beyond the records. is he that good? could razel technically be considered a percussionist? or more vocalist? just curious.

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