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"oh snap...another third bass victim"

anyone remeber this one? my man at the nonist got me into an old school hip-hop mood. this was one damn good album for some white guys in the late eighties. much respect to the incredible producing of prince paul.

"you ain'm my nucka! sucka i'm snuffin..."

yeah actually was a good record. trivia: search put nas (waivin' automatic guns at nuns) on wax for the first time on the track "back to the grill" or at least i heard that somewhere.

back in the "gas face" days i had a friend by the name of jamie aspin, (i'm jaime morrison) we used to come up with new jack swing dance routines for parties. lot's of kid n' play type steps, kicking, jumping, splits... "steppin to the a.m." was a favorite becuase, well... "a.m." aspin.morrison. yeah, haha, we were some kool katz, word.

"how ya livin' hobbes?!"

jamie morrison definitely does not get the gas face.....

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