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stop #2: rudolph

Yale Art and Architecture Building

"External forces dictated that this building turn the corner and relate to the modern building opposite as well as suggest that it belongs to Yale University. The internal forces demanded an environment suitable for ever varying activities which will be given form and coherence by the defined spaces within. As the years go by, it is hoped other interests and activities will take place within the spaces, but the space itself will remain."
Paul Rudolph
"The Architecture of Paul Rudolph." New York: Praeger Publishers, 1970.

"A small office cannot take on more than about seven million dollars worth of work a year, or its leader becomes nothing more than a critic of his draftsmen. Architecture is a personal effort, and the fewer people coming between you and your work the better. This keeps some people from practicing architecture... This is a very real problem, and you can only stretch one man so far. The heart can fall right out of a building during the production of working drawings, and sometimes you would not even recognize your own building unless you followed it through. If an architect cares enough, and practices architecture as an art, then he must initiate design; he must create rather than make judgments. The judgment of the artist is rather poor, as he is so personally involved he cannot objectively disassociate himself from the thing he is criticizing. So the critic, again, requires a certain type of mentality."
Paul Rudolph
"Architects on Architecture: New Directions in America."

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