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genius of the week

Kent man Daniel Tammet has succeeded in his record-breaking attempt to set a new British and European record by using his incredible memory to recall the mathematical constant Pi (3.141..) to more than 22,500 decimal places.

Daniel shattered the record at Oxford's Museum of the History of Science yesterday (14 March), recalling 22,514 digits in just over five hours. Money raised through sponsorship of his record-breaking attempt will benefit the National Society for Epilepsy (NSE) - the UK's leading epilepsy charity.

The record-breaking bid was dubbed 'Pi in the Sky' by its brainchild Daniel, whose astonishing mental skills include the ability to 'see' numbers in his head. These abilities first emerged following epileptic seizures as a toddler. Daniel is one of only 25 documented 'savants' in the world according to eminent US psychiatrist Dr Darold Treffert who is the world's leading expert in Savant Syndrome.

Fri, April 29, at 9 p.m. ET
The Science Channel

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