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the finest umbrella available

The history of the illustrious London luxury goods maker known today as Swaine Adeney Brigg goes back over 250 years. They've been supplying various items to Britain's Royal Family for 200 of them, and as those monarchs tend to be a traditional lot, the firm has basically remained unchanged in all that time.

The Brigg umbrella has become an international byword for impeccable British craftsmanship. No self-respecting gentleman should carry anything else. Just like Steed's the Whangee Umbrella is a true Gentleman's umbrella of joyously eccentric appearance.

Whangee comes from the root of a type of Bamboo, which gains its unique appearance from the constant soil erosion on a sharp gradient; exposing it to the elements. When harvested, it is sent to us where it is bleached, boiled and straightened. It is then bent into the handle attached to the unique Brigg shaft and frame.

In 1893, Thomas Brigg and Sons received its first Royal Appointment from Her Majesty Queen Victoria and became the first umbrella maker ever to be honoured with an appointment. Further Royal Appointments were also bestowed by Her Majesty Queen Victoria and by His Majesty Edward VI. Today, there are around 850 Royal Warrant Holders. (The number changes as firms are appointed, or lose their warrants.) Royal Warrants continue to be a prestigious mark of recognition to those who are regular suppliers of goods and services to certain members of the Royal Family. Swaine Adeney is appointed as" Whip and Glovemakers" to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The company is also appointed as "Suppliers of Umbrellas" to HRH The Prince of Wales.

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