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the greatest presi....weatherman ever

sure...there is a new president and everything, but we here at the year 2015 like to recognize the unsung hero. i present to you mr lloyd lindsay young, the greatest weatherman in history. those of you in new york may remember his 12 fantastic years at wwor-ny (channel 9). for those of you lucky enough to reside in bakersfield, california, mr. young currently delivers the weather at kero 23.

a little known bit of trivia...it is mr young who says "it's a trip, it's got a funky beat, and i can bug out to it" in the beastie boys song "b-boy bouillabaisse" (in the "mike on the mic" segment) from the 1989 album paul's boutique. according to author dan leroy in his book on paul's boutique, the group commissioned young to appear on the album when they became a fan of his work on wwor. the introduction to their song "hello brooklyn" may have also been influenced by young's trademark calls.

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