no posting for now...very busy working on a new orleans housing competition....see you on the other side........


amen brother

i happened upon this most interesting audio/visual presentation regarding that most famous break beat from the classic "amen brother" by the winstons back in the 1960's. give it a check out:

Can I Get An Amen? is an audio installation that unfolds a critical perspective of perhaps the most sampled drum beat in the history of recorded music, the Amen Break. It begins with the pop track Amen Brother by 60's soul band The Winstons, and traces the transformation of their drum solo from its original context as part of a 'B' side vinyl single into its use as a key aural ingredient in contemporary cultural expression. The work attempts to bring into scrutiny the techno-utopian notion that 'information wants to be free'- it questions its effectiveness as a democratizing agent. This as well as other issues are foregrounded through a history of the Amen Break and its peculiar relationship to current copyright law.

amen break on wikipedia
amen break and jungle
the winstons on wikipedia

The Winstons comprised of:
Richard Spencer (lead. vocals, tenor saxophone)
Ray Maritano (vocals, alto saxophone)
Quincy Mattison (vocals, lead guitar)
Phil Tolotta (second lead, organ)
Sonny Peckrol (vocals, bass guitar)
and G.C. Coleman (vocals, drums)


southern fried admiral 2 & super bad suits

and here are some more visual delights:

now this brings me to my most fovorite find in charleston. i happened upon a fine establishment named super bad "the king of fashions" where a man of fine taste could find "new york styles for men and boys". needless to say, i purchased 20 suits. let me tell you friends there are no fashions of this kind in new york......


southern fried admiral

i do believe that in a former life, i may have lived somewhere in the south. i would picture myself as a colonel sanders or mark twain type character, dressed in a white suit, smoking at least 15 cigars a day, eating entirely too much fat filled food. this is how i spent my last 5 days....minus the white suit....well ok maybe one day i donned a white suit. so yesterday i returned to new york, and was greeted by rude behavior and cold temperatures. so that i may remind myself, you must now allow me to share a brief snippet of the visual delights i encountered on my trip to Charleston, South Carolina........


2015 = southern15

i shall be traveling the next few days to charleston, south carolina. i will leave the year 2015 for the time being, and come back re-charged with southern cooking and warm weather. please forward all mail to the address shown below:


vintage frames

get your new-old frames here


fake pollock...maybe

it seems by the look of this article, jackson pollock or some hooligan claiming to be him has been outed by a computing machine:

"A physicist who is broadly experienced in using computers to identify consistent patterns in the drip paintings of Jackson Pollock has determined that half a dozen small paintings recently discovered and claimed by their owner to be original Pollocks do not exhibit the same patterns."


dash dogs

damn i say! i had an enjoyable evening friday night with general drinking and cavorting, and found myself at one point in the evening, inside of a fantastically designed 3 dimensional house of hotdogs....and the hotdogs kicked ass too.......

DASH dogs
127 Rivington StreetNew York, NY

Dash Dogs is a spartan, almost futuristically decorated sliver of a hot dog stand on the Lower East Side. (The design is the work of Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis, the same firm that put together Tides, a striking but disappointing lobster shack around the corner that is partly owned by two of Dash Dog’s proprietors, Steven Yee and Allen Leung.) It serves salty, garlicky Empire National kosher dogs that are griddle crisped on Pepperidge Farm buns with offbeat toppings like avocado salsa. The best dog is a downmarket marriage of the hot dog and the Frito Pie: the stoned dog, piled high with chili and crumbled corn chips.
-Peter Meehan
The New York Times


star wars fans beware

oh my......

(AP) STATEN ISLAND It was Star Wars on wheels for some Staten Island children who law enforcement officials say had to obey their school bus driver's bizarre, cruel rules every morning.Driver Michael Cianci was charged with endangering the welfare of a child after some children reported a sick game that involved stronger students allegedly beating up on weaker ones. Authorities said the 38-year-old driver called himself The Emperor and used Star Wars characters like Jabba the Hutt to encourage his charges to follow storylines from the movie, resulting in kids pummeling each other and cutting each other's clothes with scissors -- instead of light-sabers. Law enforcement sources told The Daily News that Cianci said he created The Death Cheese Club to discipline the middle school children, giving them names like Darth, Sith Warrior and Jabba. A police source told the News that Cianci admitted he knew about the roughhousing but insisted he didn't organize it. At a court appearance, Cianci pleaded not guilty and posted $500 bail before leaving with his wife and brother-in-law. The married father of two reportedly lives with his mother in New Jersey. He works for the Pioneer Transportation Company, earning nearly $1,000 a week. Cianci was suspended without pay.

maybe you should stick with college football fans:


brandon bird

i have been enjoying the artwork of a mr. brandon bird. i suggest you spend some quality time in the extensive "law and order" area.....good stuff!


the birth of brothers

a most happy birthday to mr. newton hollingsworth......."he ain't heavy, he's my brother"