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star wars fans beware

oh my......

(AP) STATEN ISLAND It was Star Wars on wheels for some Staten Island children who law enforcement officials say had to obey their school bus driver's bizarre, cruel rules every morning.Driver Michael Cianci was charged with endangering the welfare of a child after some children reported a sick game that involved stronger students allegedly beating up on weaker ones. Authorities said the 38-year-old driver called himself The Emperor and used Star Wars characters like Jabba the Hutt to encourage his charges to follow storylines from the movie, resulting in kids pummeling each other and cutting each other's clothes with scissors -- instead of light-sabers. Law enforcement sources told The Daily News that Cianci said he created The Death Cheese Club to discipline the middle school children, giving them names like Darth, Sith Warrior and Jabba. A police source told the News that Cianci admitted he knew about the roughhousing but insisted he didn't organize it. At a court appearance, Cianci pleaded not guilty and posted $500 bail before leaving with his wife and brother-in-law. The married father of two reportedly lives with his mother in New Jersey. He works for the Pioneer Transportation Company, earning nearly $1,000 a week. Cianci was suspended without pay.

maybe you should stick with college football fans:

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