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mallomar mystery

"Somebody last night had three Mallomars. Wonder who it was?"

That question comes up at this time of year, for like Beaujolais nouveau, Mallomars are not a year-round delicacy, not even in the New York area, where 70 percent of Mallomars are sold. Mallomars return to supermarket shelves in the fall after a warm-weather break. But Mallomars connoisseurs do not celebrate by holding tastings of the new batch or by calling friends to announce "les Mallomars sont arriv├ęs."

So now is as good a time as any to investigate this New York-area phenomenon, the arrival of the beloved Mallomars, and to plumb some of their mysteries: Why do they melt in hot weather when science has come up with ways to keep pretty much anything from melting? Does the answer, whatever it is, have anything to do with the fact that this cookie, born in New Jersey, is now made in Canada? And what about the Whippet, a Canadian cookie that is about the same size and shape, but packs more calories, more carbohydrates and more sugar?

Dreaming of polishing off a whole box in one sitting, Mallomars lovers hoard these three-part cookies through the long months of summer. Inside each box are 18 Mallomars. Each is about the diameter of a medium-size man's watch, with a beret-shaped marshmallow sitting atop a vanilla cookie. The whole thing is covered in chocolate.

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i once called a man that worked at subway mallomar...but that is a story for another time...

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