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rest in peace pat

as loyal readers of the year 2015 may have noticed, i recently replaced my personal profile picture as i often do. for the past month or so, the picture featured was of pat morita...the lovable actor of "happy days" and "karate kid" fame. i now have jacque cousteau the equalably lovable oceanographer. that dosen't matter now. anyway..mr. morita sadly passed away almost to the minute of me replacing his picture. it has been brought to my attention that my actions may have been the cause of his untimely passing. i just wanted to express my sadness and apologize for any mystical powerline of fate that this blog may be plugged into......

im glad you acknowledged this... because its been all too uncanny for so long now.

jerk. you killed mr miagi. rots of ruck!

You did NOT kill him! It's called old age.

Hi, Im Ron Palillo. I played Horshack from 1975-1979 on Welcome Back Kotter. I fear for my life. Please, please never think of me in passing, say my name in conversation or hum the "Welcome Back Carter" theme song. You are the anti christ. I wouldnt be surprised if you were behind the deaths of Anne B. Davis and Nell Carter. Bad enough its confirmed you killed Shirly Hemple, Bob Denver, Stanley Kubrick and so many other B List celebrities with the power of thought.

I can only hope Abe Vigoda is safely in a nuclear fall out bunker waiting for the all clear.

I hate you. Not only do I live a life of failure, but now, a life of fear.

Do you have any money I can borrow?

old age! one could only wish that were true. that man had at least 10 to 15 more years in store. ask the admiral about his touch of death. we dont blame him because we know its not on purpose. all we ask is that he at the very least to acknowledge his "power" and say a kind word.

so far he has been quite admirable, living up to his name sake.

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