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crazy damn fish

Two years ago, Eric Bartos and his buddies Jamie Artzt and Blake Liebeskind caught a sailfish.
"I was going through a bad separation, a divorce," Bartos explained. To heal his soul, Bartos decided to get rid of his wedding ring. He put it on the bill of the sailfish he had caught. But in life some things just never go away. Recently, Bartos and his buddies Jamie Artzt and Blake Liebeskind entered a billfish tournament. Liebeskind hooked a fish and what happened next? "I brought him closer to the boat. I looked down and said, 'Oh my God. It is the ring fish,'" Liebeskind said. The story has become huge in the fishing world. But is it true? "I have no reason to disbelieve these guys and the fact that there is a picture that shows that notch, that indentation, where that ring was on the bill even further convinces me this is the truth," said Dr. Eric Prince, of the National Marine Fisheries Service. "I thought it would be a creative way to get rid of the wedding ring," Bartos said. "It (the ring) did not tarnish or do anything. Gold does not tarnish."

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