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saturday in the park....i think it was the 4th of july

The BMW 6 (codenamed the E24) appeared in 1976, borrowing much of its design and mechanics from the upcoming E23 7 series and provided a much-needed replacement for its predecessor, the E9 30CS/i Coupe. Most of the first models were produced at Karmann's Osnabruck plant before production was brought under the BMW roof a year later. The new Coupe, whose models were aptly marked 'CS' (standing for 'Coupe Sport') were available primarily in two models. You could have a 3.0 litre single carburetor model, the 630CS, or you could opt for vastly more grunt with fuel injection and a bigger 3.3 litre engine in the 633 CSi.
The 633Csi was a more spacious, luxurious example of the sporting archetype than the 630CS, also introducing a handy innovation replicated throughout today's modern cars. This new feature was Check Control, a status-reporting system which allowed the driver to check brake fluid, windscreen washer and oil levels with a push of the 'TEST' button, the system also reported failures in brake lights and lining. The 6s also debuted with the first on-board computer and a (now commonplace) service interval indicator.
In 1978, the 635CSi joined the line-up and in 1979, the entry-level 628CSi tempted buyers into the driver's seat of a six.

nice car....wanna sell?

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