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oh man...do you see that too?

In 1926 when Julius Freed wanted to open an orange juice stand in California, he asked his friend, Bill Hamlin to help find a suitable location. Hamlin, a real estate developer, found Julius a small store in Los Angeles on south Broadway with a pool hall down stairs, garment factory upstairs and a theater next door.
Julius Freed had moderate success with his new business. Hamlin suggested Julius jazz up the drink. Hamlin had an idea how to make fresh squeezed orange juice more exciting and consistent. A former chemistry student, Hamlin decided he would create a new formula. Freed liked the new fresh blended drink idea and began selling it in his store. It was clearly a winner, quickly outselling orange juice. Hamlin soon jumped behind the counter to help keep up with thirsty customers shouting, "Give me an orange Julius!" Thus the unique Orange JuliusĀ® name and product were born.

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