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request for information

as many of you already know, it has been a dream of mine for at least the last twelve years to construct a full size replica of the now famous plinko board. as an architect, most would believe that i would have access to vast resources, which would naturally contain the necessary drawings, specifications, and diagram's needed to undertake such a humanitarian task. this understood preconception is sadly untrue. for the secrets of the plinko board, yet to be revealed, have proven as allusive as....let's say the holy grail. i request from you, my readers, to please keep every eye open in your daily travels, and adventures, for any clue that may bring the reality of home plinko play to full flurition.

please note: i would like the construction of aforementioned plinko board to be complete by the retirement celebration of Mr. Hollywood, or by the year 2015, whichever may come first.

thank you....now on to the showcase showdown

I am the research master. MASTER of the internet, libraries, caches of hidden knowlege, and my man on the street-"ray-ray". I'm on the MF.

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