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ny subway thermometer sticker mystery - solved

so all this time i thought those thermometer stickers on the ceiling of subway cars were some sort of sheppard fairy, "andre the giant has a posse" type movement. i was sadly wrong. the good people over at time out new york have solved the mystery in my mind:

Thermometer sticker. Look up and you’ll see these tiny stickers plastered to the ceiling of every subway car. No, they’re not there to mock Jeremy Piven. The HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) target-temperature decals were installed in 2008 so that workers could use laser thermometers (how space age!) pointed at the decals to record temperatures and make sure you’re not sweating. Last summer they checked them whenever the outside temp spiked above 85 degrees, and then tuned car climates to 78 degrees or below. If only the West 4th Street sauna could get the same treatment.

the original:

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