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genius of the week

woody allen

i know his most recent movies have become a bit contrived, and really sometimes not so funny or even entertaining, but i still like his old stuff. i especially enjoy a little mockumentary from 1983 named zelig i managed to catch this past weekend.

Woody Allen, born Allen Stewart Konigsberg on December 1, 1935, is an American short story writer, screenwriter, and film director whose large body of work and cerebral style have made him one of the most widely respected and prolific filmmakers in the modern era. He writes and directs his own movies and has acted in many of them as well. Allen draws heavily on literature, philosophy, European cinema and most importantly, New York City, where he was born and in which he has lived all his life, for much of his inspiration; indeed, his onscreen persona is the quintessential New York Jewish intellectual: neurotic and self-absorbed, cosmopolitan yet insecure, with a self-deprecating sense of humor.

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