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genius of the week

a scene (the best scene) from jim jarmusch's coffee and cigarettes

so i checked out broken flowers yesterday, the new film from jim jarmusch. for my afternoon yesterday, and other afternoons like it, i shall bestow upon jim...genius of the week.....

Jim Jarmusch, 1953- : Highly original independent filmmaker who has carved out a niche all his own; Pauline Kael called it the "low-key minimalist comedy about American anomie." Jarmusch studied filmmaking at New York University.

Permanent Vacation (1980)
The New World (1982) short
Stranger Than Paradise (1984)
Down By Law (1986)
Coffee and Cigarettes (1986) short
Mystery Train (1989)
Coffee and Cigarettes II (1989) short, also known as Coffee and Cigarettes: Memphis
VersionNight On Earth (1991)
Coffee and Cigarettes III (1993) short, also known as Coffee and Cigarettes: Somewhere in California
Dead Man (1995)
Year of the Horse (1997) documentary
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999)
Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet (2002) short
Coffee and Cigarettes IV (2003) short, also known as Coffee and Cigarettes: Jack Shows Meg His Tesla Coil
Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) feature
Broken Flowers (2005)

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