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who wants to drive?

check out everything, and anything you might want to know about ny tri-state roads and highways......damn!

"Serving the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan area since 1997, nycroads.com provides current and historical information on highways, bridges, and tunnels throughout the tri-state area. The site also provides links to current traffic conditions and highway web cameras, as well as exit lists."

admiral i couldn't fing rt. 218! was all excited too.

you are damn right about 218...best highway in ny state....the scene of much drug taking, and teenage sexual exploits over the years.....

best 218 memory- you know how occasionally a huge rock will fall into the road from the mountain above? well believe it or not one year when it was blocked off i was lucky enough to sleep a night laying right in the middle of the road near high point. seriously, in the middle of 218. (admission- acid was involved)

i may have stumbled over you that very night. best 218 summer i can remember....many spaced out walks along the cliffs of danger. they should close it every summer for a couple of weeks...just for the kidz!

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