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questions of style

some of you may know of my recent harrowing experiences with my jeep cherokee sport being stolen off the mean streets of queens (please refer to earlier posts). at first this disastrous event left me reeling and quite confused. in the past month i have been borrowing the above pictured cadillac from my grandmother (who I believe lives with the aclaimed film maker wes anderson)(please refer to even earlier posts). i now find myself in the process of purchasing a new vehicle, as all insurance and other mitigating circumstances have been put to rest. the vexing question that lies before me is, how do i give up this fantastic piece of pimp sinatra machinery? do I purchase one of my own? do I join the mob? do I return to my much un-cooler past and fall back into the suv herds? this car has become a part of me. the leather...the size...the smoothness....the german tank like gas prices. any input is much appreciated......

Seriously, once you go 'lac, you never go back. Why settle for less? Driving a Cadillac is like being transported around in your own private luxary bungalow on wheels. After experiencing the 'lac, most other cars feel like being bounced around in a sub standard tin can nailed to a busted roller skate. By the way, have you ever listened to Can?

Personally, the means streets of Queens would be taken much easier if you had a Pontiac GTO. Why? Because it's so light, and has such a big engine...those taxi cabs will bow down. Or a g6, or an Avalanche...

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