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i seem to keep listening to this....

.....and i never get tired of it. i think if i used heroin, i would listen to this album non-stop. it is some sort of easy listening, westchester dentist office funk-jazz adventure. now i am sure you have all heard steely dan before, but there is something about this album that stands out. if you ever get a chance read the liner notes...crazy

"the royal scam"
steely dan

agreed admiral, good record. seems to get lost in the steely dan shuffle with aja, can't buy a thrill, katy lied, pretzel logic, etc.

i always thought it was funny how steely dan lp covers taken as a whole offer absolutely no clue into what kind of music may lay inside individually, or what kind of group they are on the whole. stylistically these covers are all over the map. royal scam = hair metal band? can't buy a thrill = gloria estephan side project? gaucho = past their prime king krimson? katy lied = psychedelic concept record? etc...

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